Center Stage Performing Arts is offering a fun and unique opportunity for their performers to experience music, dance, and theater through the Disney Performing Arts program.  Our "invite only" cast members get to participate in workshops and perform at the Disneyland Parks in Anaheim, CA.  The programs are designed to enhance their talents and promote self-confidence.  Our goal is to foster creativity and teamwork, contribute to personal growth, teach discipline, and create everlasting memories.  2019 marks our 6th "Disney Tour" and we hope to continue this great experience!

Why do I want to participate?

  • Disney Tour is a fun and unique opportunity for the performers to learn the tricks of the trade from Disney veterans during the workshops
  • The Disney Tour and Showcase is a 6 month journey developing their talent & enhancing skills in theater, music, and dance
  • The program is designed to promote self-confidence, foster creativity, contribute to personal growth, and teach teamwork
  • The memories made and friendships built will last a lifetime

What is the Showcase?

  • The Showcase our annual show that features an "invite only" cast.
  • Disney Tour is a performance and 2-day workshop in the Disneyland Parks with the Disney Performing Arts program.
  • The Showcase is where we bring the Disneyland performance back home for our friends and family.  Plus we add in some extra material to "Showcase"!

How do I receive an invite for an audition?

  • Must be cast in a show during the regular season prior to the Disney Tour program, invites go out during the summer show
  • Show your dedication and love for the arts at rehearsals, performances, and other CSPA events